The Dish: Boylan's Natural Cane Cola



Gut Check reviews a single dish.

The Location: Whole Foods

The Dish: Boylan's Natural Cane Cola

The Cost: $1.19

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The Verdict: So I haven't done one of these in a while -- since the Starbucks Vivanno, in fact, from which I continue to recover. But I've become obsessed with Boylan's Natural Cane Cola. Though its flavor is readily identifable as "cola," it has these lovely cinnamon and vanilla nuances that make it much more complex than Coke or Pepsi. It's also less aggressively sweet than those two colas (especially Pepsi), with just the right level of carbonation.


Speaking of things I haven't done in a while, Boylan's Natural Cane Cola definitely deserves one of these. (In case you'd forgotten, our stamp of approval for good food and drink for $6, roughly, or less.)

- Ian Froeb