Your Weekly St. Louis Food Blog Digest




A look at what's happening at our favorite St. Louis food blogs...

Iron Stef uses the microwave to make homemade potato chips.

Chocolate cupcakes with bourbon and pecan from the Cupcake Project.

Food Interviews chats with the founder of the Food and Liquor Project.

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At Sounding My Barbaric Gulp, Kelly is making smoked mackerel toasts.

The winter beer menu at Growler's Pub bores Mike of STL Hops.

The Pollacks check in on midtown mainstay Vito's.

At Sugar, Spice & More Things Nice, Rach is dishing up bread pudding.

Lentil salad from a Julia Child recipe is on the menu at A Veggie Venture.

At STL Bites, Bill reminds us that a new fine-dining establishment, Fond, is opening soon in Edwardsville.

Show Me Vegan celebrates tofu scramble and the Vegan Month of Food.

At Feast, George Mahe checks out the 100 Brews and BBQ event at Provisions.

Do you know a St. Louis food blog we should read? Do you write one yourself? Drop us a line.

- Ian Froeb