Festival of Nations: A Slideshow and Some Thoughts




I didn't bring my camera to the Festival of Nations -- frankly, I was too distracted by excitement for that evening's Springsteen concert -- but RFT freelance photographer Lyle Whitworth has a slideshow of pictures. (The photo above is the only food-centric shot, but it should give you a good idea of the event's diversity.)

At any rate, the Festival of Nations was a blast, as always. It's especially fun to see cuisines that are un- or underrepresented in the area's restaurant scene: Haitian, Burmese and Filipino, for example.

The most interesting thing I sampled this year was probably a drink from one of the two Filipino booths: fresh lime juice (presumably) cut with water and then garnished with red pepper flakes. Wonderfully refreshing and just a tad spicy. Delicious.

- Ian Froeb

Photo: Lyle Whitworth