Review Preview: Onesto Pizza and Trattoria



Onesto Pizza and Trattoria is a neighborhood restaurant, the only commercial structure at the intersection of Macklind Avenue and tree-shaded Finkman Street. On a busy weekend evening, it can resemble a block party as those awaiting a table stand along the sidewalk or sit on plastic chairs on the front lawn, sipping wine or beer and eyeing the half-finished pizzas on the patio tables. On a recent Friday, I even saw two scrawny rabbits munching grass on the neighboring lawn, ignoring -- or maybe blissfully oblivious to -- all the human hubbub.

"Someone should tell the kitchen about the bunnies," I said to my wife.

This week I visit Onesto, the new restaurant from Vito and Michele Racanelli. Check back here tomorrow to see what I think.

- Ian Froeb