Your Weekly St. Louis Food Blog Digest



A look at what's happening at our favorite St. Louis food blogs...

Iron Stef is making tofu...tushies.

Show Me Vegan discusses the classic gin martini.

At STL Bites, Bill discusses how others react to his eating offal.

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Blueberry hamburger tacos -- yes, you read that right -- are on the menu at Adventures in Eating Locally.

Grow your own herbs: Practical advice from A Veggie Venture.

The Cupcake Project compares an ordinary blender to...the Magic Bullet? (Get your mind out of the gutter. It's not what you think.)

At One Hot Stove, Nupur recalls the Maggi noodles of her youth.

More Gordon Ramsay! The Cheesemonger's Wife shares news of the British chef's less-than-admiring viewers.

At STL Hops, Mike shares pictures from the VIP dinner at the Brewers Heritage Festival.

It's ramp season. Kelly digs in at Sounding My Barbaric Gulp.

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-Ian Froeb