The Morning Brew: Tuesday, 4.29




The outcome of the U.N. summit on the food crisis: A task force and a call for countries to end bans on exporting food -- those bans are only worsening the situation. (AFP)

Congress is finally wrapping up work on the five-year farm bill, but the White House isn't happy with the new version. (Reuters)

Big news in the candy biz: Mars is buying Wrigley's for $23 billion. (New York Times)

Is this the end for one of our favorite stories? Whole Foods claims the FTC won't punish the company for CEO John Mackey's online postings as Rahodeb. (AP)

The Post-Dispatch profiles Gerard Craft of Niche.

Super special thanks to my colleague Sarah Norwood for the nifty (and unexpected!) new logo for the Morning Brew.

-Ian Froeb