Review Preview: Burger Bar and Sub Zero New American Burger Restaurant



If you order the "Rossini" burger at Burger Bar in Lumiere Place, expect a little extra attention. The runner who brought the burger to my seat gave me a look equivalent to a high-five or fist bump. The bartender who'd taken my order asked me how it was, as did the other bartender, as did a manager. A cook came out to the bar about halfway through my meal and lingered there a bit -- though I guess that might have been only a coincidence. At one point a guy who looked a lot like casino security showed up. To my surprise, he left before I did. I figured he was there to make sure I didn't skip out on my $60 check.

This week I check out the high-end burgers at Sub Zero New American Burger Restaurant and Hubert Keller's Burger Bar at Lumiere Place. I'm still recovering. Check back here tomorrow for all the debauchery.

-Ian Froeb