Show Dogs and the Original Original Pancake House



A few little things concerning this week's review of Three Monkeys and last week's review of the Original Pancake House.

The Three Monkeys review contains this paragraph:

The dog-show judge is selecting the best of the herding group. I'm not really a dog person. I prefer cats, wary and mysterious. Also, cats don't need to be walked to take a crap. If I did have a dog, it would be a mutt, not one of these pampered, pedigreed beauties. Still, this round I dig: good, solid working dogs, some big, some small, at least one that looks like Cousin Itt. The sound is muted, so I can imagine Fred Willard's character from Best in Show commenting on the action.

I've since learned that I shouldn't call herding dogs "working dogs," not because it sounds like they are prostitute dogs, but because "working dogs" is, in fact, a dog-show category for dogs who do work other than herding. Like I said, I'm a cat person.

Now, in the Original Pancake House review, I said that the Chesterfield location was the chain's first Missouri location. A reader wrote to inform me that he recalled an Original Pancake House at the Four Seasons Shopping Center in Chesterfield sometime in the early 1980s. This predates my time in St. Louis by about two decades. Any readers remember this?

-Ian Froeb