The Morning Brew: Wednesday, 1.2



And we're back, well larded against the winter chill by two weeks of feasting, drinking and not getting out of bed until noon. Happy New Year!

The holiday break was surprisingly busy, local-news-wise. (And if you haven't seen it yet, read the previous post for the big local story of the past week.) I'll catch you up on restaurant openings and closings later today.

Oh, yeah, and apparently a major St. Louis highway has been shut down for construction? Maybe you've heard about this?

First, though, the food news from around the world:

Britons -- not Americans -- are least likely to give up fast food, according to a new BBC study. (Daily Telegraph)

France -- France!!! -- has banned smoking in bars and restaurants as of yesterday. (AP)

It wouldn't be Gut Check without news from China: a draft of the country's new food-safety law would impose major fines on violators. (Forbes)

-Ian Froeb