The Morning Brew: Wednesday, 12/12



Diners at two St. Louis restaurants -- Blue Water Grill and Frazer's Restaurant and Lounge -- have fallen ill after eating amberjack. The disease is likely ciguatera. Both restaurants purchased the fish from Bob's Seafood, which purchased it from a Louisiana facility. (Post-Dispatch)

For more on ciguatera, click here. The basics, from the FDA:

Ciguatera is a form of human poisoning caused by the consumption of subtropical and tropical marine finfish which have accumulated naturally occurring toxins through their diet. The toxins are known to originate from several dinoflagellate (algae) species that are common to ciguatera endemic regions in the lower latitudes.

A movement to ensure healthy, organic food at the 2012 Summer Olympics in London. (BBC News)

-Ian Froeb