The Morning Brew: Wednesday, 11/21



Gut Check plans to take a four-day holiday weekend. To compensate, a bonus-sized edition of the Morning Brew.

Yesterday I mentioned the rising cost of beer in England. Turns out, it's a global problem. Mike links to a very good article from our friends at the Post-Dispatch about how local brewers are dealing with the hops shortage, and -- lazy bastard that I am -- I'm stealing Mike's link. Thanks, Mike!

(Seriously, though, check out Mike's analysis of the situation.)

Foodie god Harold McGee gets to sample the astonishing genetic variety of the apple. (New York Times)

The long-term effect of the Whole Foods-Wild Oats merger is unknown. The short-term effect, though, is lower profits for Whole Foods. (Bloomberg)

Michelin just showered a lot of love on Tokyo's restaurants. Here's an envy-inducing look at the city's culinary scene. (Guardian)

Unsurprisingly, Tokyo also features some of the world's most expensive restaurants. (MSNBC)

-Ian Froeb