Your Weekly Food Blog Digest



A look at what's happening at some of our favorite St. Louis food blogs.

A busy week for STL Hops: Mike visited not one, not two, but three beer events.

Iron Stef makes beef stock and then onion soup.

Bill at STL Bites wants you to eat cheese -- malvarosa, to be specific.

At FamilyStyle Food, Karen has a recipe (and excruciatingly yummy-looking photo) for roasted pork, Tuscan-style.

Naipur at One Hot Stove celebrates Diwali.

The Pollacks visit Jim Edmonds' F15teen.

Alanna's Veggie Venture has lots of Thanksgiving vegetable recipes, including spinach casserole.

Do you know a St. Louis food blog we should read? Do you write one yourself? Drop us a line.

-Ian Froeb