Review Preview: Saffron



One minute my wife and I were lingering over cappuccinos after a five-course dinner at our honeymoon resort's premier restaurant, reminiscing about the incredible food we'd eaten that week: antojitos and albóndigas for breakfast, avocado stuffed with smoked salmon mousse and caviar, amberjack with black truffle vinaigrette, the unexpected yet somehow perfect pairing of mango sorbet and bean sprouts. Our table overlooked shimmering blue swimming pools. In the distance, above the dark Caribbean, the lights of Cozumel twinkled.

The next minute we were staggering back into our apartment in St. Louis, punch-drunk from 36 sleepless hours, the unexpected end of Mexico's daylight-savings time and our valiant, doomed race through DFW Airport to catch a connecting flight home.

And then something startled me awake on my living-room sofa, the World Series game I'd wanted to watch long since over. I vaguely remembered eating pizza for dinner.

The next day, slightly more with-it, I returned to the business of reviewing restaurants. I studied my list of possibilities, but nothing grabbed me. My heart and appetite were still in Playa del Carmen.

But then I remembered Saffron.

Indian cuisine is on the menu this week. Check back tomorrow to see what I think of Saffron, a new restaurant in West County.

-Ian Froeb