Today's Restaurant Tidbits



The Post-Dispatch reports that the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has sued Mosaic for allowing two bartenders to be sexually harrassed by a frequent customer.

Acclaimed chef Hubert Keller was in town this weekend to talk about the two restaurants he'll be opening at Lumiere Place: An upscale steakhouse called Sleek and an outpost of Keller's Burger Bar.

You can listen to a KWMU interview with Keller right here, and read a St. Louis Business Journal article about his new restaurants right here. According to the KWMU report, both restaurants are slated to open in December.

(A tip of the cap to Bill Burge for the Business Journal link.)

Finally, a reminder that Jim Edmonds' F15teen (a.k.a. Fifteen) opens to the public tomorrow evening.

-Ian Froeb