The Morning Brew: Tuesday, 9/11



The commission President Bush appointed to study food safety has issued a preliminary report. A more comprehensive report will follow in November. (New York Times)

"This is not unlike preventative medicine," [Secretary of Health and Human Services Michael Leavitt] said at a press briefing. "Prevention, intervention and response. That's what we do in health care. It's time we do the same in import safety."

Several critics immediately assailed the report as short on specifics, like the staffing levels of inspectors in federal agencies and the costs of creating a risk-based import surveillance system.

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On the subject of food safety: China's not the only country getting tough. The head of a British meat processing firm has been sentenced to jail after his firm was found to be the source of a fatal e. coli outbreak. (Food Production

Scientists at the University of Bristol find that there is no empirical evidence that chocolate is addictive. (Science Daily)

-Ian Froeb