Labor Day



I was going to title this "Reminder: Labor Day," but you probably don't need that reminder.

At any rate, if you can't find something good to eat this weekend, you're just plain lazy.

- The Missouri Botanical Garden is hosting the annual Japanese Festival. Jason Toon has the info right here. (Scroll down to the third item.)

- St. Nicholas Orthodox Church is hosting the annual Greek Festival. Alison Sieloff has the details right here.

- I know I'll see you at the Labor Day Bike Show & Barbecue. That's bike as in Harley, not Schwinn. Anna Teekell explains right here.

Of course, you might be planning a Labor Day barbecue yourself. Just look out for that E. coli-infected beef. And spinach.

On that cheery thought, I bid you a happy, safe holiday weekend. Gut Check will return Tuesday.

-Ian Froeb