Review Preview: Oceano Bistro



Oh, sure, we have seafood in St. Louis. But I think we want something more. More than sushi, as much as we love it. More than a token entrée or two at our favorite bistro. And definitely more than those crab-legs-by-the-pound or all-the-fried shrimp-you-can-eat type joints. We know that most of the old reasons for the lack of good seafood in the Midwest no longer apply, so we want restaurants that go beyond the tried-and-true crab cakes, salmon and tuna. And on this putrid August evening we've all flocked to Oceano Bistro.

Will we find what we're seeking at Oceano Bistro? Check back here tomorrow -- or cast a line toward the nearest RFT box -- to learn the answer.

-Ian Froeb