The Morning Brew: Thursday, 8/16



Not exactly the busiest 24 hours in food news.

Food imported from Mexico is just as -- and perhaps more -- problematic than food imported from China. (Houston Chronicle)

A report on cancer commissioned by President Bush takes the government to task for making it more difficult to eat healthy. (Reuters)

The following has nothing to do with food, but it's my blog:

Last month I reviewed Lester's Sports Bar & Grill. During one visit, I sat at the bar and watched the Major League Baseball draft to see whether my beloved Baltimore Orioles would draft prospect Matt Wieters. They did. But this was only half the story. They still had to sign the kid. Which they did. Last night. Ten Three freakin' minutes before they would have lost the right to sign him. (Baltimore Sun)

The O's gave Wieters a $6 million signing bonus. You could buy one big-ass pastrami sandwich with that much scratch.

-Ian Froeb