Review Preview: The Original SoupMan



Really a sensitive artisan misunderstood by the adoring masses, Yeganeh decided to restrict Soup Kitchen International to those whose patronage had preceded the Seinfeld episode. Now desperate soup lovers must wait years to be admitted to his elite circle of devoted customers. Occasionally a spot on Yeganeh's waiting list will be offered on eBay. The reserve is usually set at about $1,000.

No, wait. I made that up.

Yes, this week I visit the Original SoupMan, home of the Soup Nazi's Al Yeganeh's famous soups. Check back here tomorrow -- or trick one of our delivery guys with the offer of a tall, cold glass of freshly squeezed lemonade and then steal a hard copy of the new RFT while he's slaking his thirst -- to see what I think.

-Ian Froeb