The Morning Brew: Wednesday, 8/8



We made it to Wednesday without mentioning China. Progress? Or coincidence?

China will spend over $1 billion on food safety by 2010. It's part of a five-year plan. Because five-year plans always work well. (Reuters)

Remember the FDA ban on Chinese seafood that brought this issue to the forefront? Turns out it's not always being enforced. A million pounds of Chinese shrimp, eel and catfish made it into the country recently. (AP)

And from the "What Goes Around..." department: China bans the import of British beef after the recent outbreak of hoof-and-mouth disease. (Guardian)

On the non-China beat: Scientists think low-calorie and "diet" foods may lead to obesity. A nation of diet soda addicts waits with baited breath for further study. (BBC)

Are you overweight? Stop blaming your fat. It's not your fat's fault. (New York Times)

-Ian Froeb