Small Plates: Friday, 7/27



Wow. Some cans of recalled food are so swollen with botulism bacteria that they are bulging. Seriously, folks: Don't open the bulging cans. (CNN)

Red Lobster is trying to overhaul its image from dowdy and cheap to fresh and healthy. (New York Times)

You know why the Red Lobsters of the world are such easy targets for restaurant critics? Because their executives say things like this:

"Our vision is to be where America goes for seafood," [Red Lobster president Kim] Lopdrup said in a telephone interview. "We are working to become the Toyota of casual dining. They have high quality and among the lowest cost structures, and have been able to offer superior value."

Kellogg and other U.S. food firms are seeing inflationary pressure on food costs because of the demand for corn for ethanol. (MSNBC)

-Ian Froeb