Reader Review of the Week on Hiatus



Did I scare you away? Do you actually not want others to know what you think about your favorite or most hated restaurant?

Since I posted the first Reader Review of the Week, no reviews have been added to our restaurant listings. And I don't just mean no reviews worthy of Reader Review of the Week honors. I mean not a single damn review, period.


As a result:

1) No Reader Review of the Week this week.

2) Unless you start submitting reviews ASAP, I'm sending this land crab after each and every one of you.

And keep sending me news of new restaurants near you. I first heard about La Gra Italian Tapas (this week's review) and Jasminka Homemade Cakes (part of last week's review) from reader emails. (Though the woman who recommended I visit La Gra might, uh, regret her decision now.)

-Ian Froeb