So I Caught a Land Crab. Now What?




To the pot with you!
  • To the pot with you!

To the pot with you!

Our saga so far. First, we feared the land crab. Then we learned how to catch them. Now it's time to eat.

To begin, some words of wisdom from the great Craig Claiborne in the March 21, 1982, edition of the New York Times:

While the flesh of land crabs is as sweet as that of blue crabs and just as easy to boil or steam, the land crabs are somewhat smaller and when cooked, it is a bit more tedious to extract the meat.

Claiborne also offers a recipe for "Crabs Caribbean."

From Guyana, a recipe for "crab backs."

And from the French Antilles, a recipe for "Antillean Crab Pilaf."

Enjoy! Have a great weekend, and eat something good!

-Ian Froeb