Review Preview: Gentelin's on Broadway



These were no ordinary T-ravs, though. There were only three to our order, but each was as plump as an empanada. The breading was crisp, the pasta kept its shape without being tough or chewy, and the stuffing exploded with flavor: meaty wild mushrooms, spinach, tangy Boursin cheese. There was marinara sauce for dipping, but it was unnecessary; the shredded Parmesan and truffle oil atop the ravioli were a delicious accent.

This week, my "summer vacation" among the restaurants of Metro East takes me to Gentelin's on Broadway in Alton. I'll tell you this much: The view from the dining room can't be beat. Check back here tomorrow -- or wait till the hard copy hits the streets -- to see what I think about the food.

-Ian Froeb