Beer in the Shower Redux




You know you want to.
  • You know you want to.

You know you want to.

I knew I wasn't alone in my love of this occasional guilty pleasure. Reader Morgan Davis writes:

I am thrilled that someone has finally validated my love of beer in the shower. I have been ridiculed, called an alcoholic and even worse-- compared to Kramer in that episode of Seinfeld where he makes salad in the shower. However, nothing can deter me from enjoying one of Dad's home brews, a nice lager, or even a lowly Budweiser, whilst rinsing and repeating. Nothing beats the post-gym pre-going out beer in the shower. A small luxury in a cruel, cruel world. A middle class decadence. I could have happily lived enjoying this past-time alone, but relish the thought of a community of like minded bather drinkers. I think you are on to something big. Internet meme here we come. Cheers! Morgan

Morgan isn't ashamed. Nor should you be. So send in your beer-in-the-shower experiences, even if you've done it only once!

Here's that handy meme to copy and paste:

Name: Age/Occupation: Date Beer Consumed in Shower: Why? Beer? Good? Which Did You Finish First?

-Ian Froeb