Romancing the Slyder



What with the roses, the chocolates and the romantic dinner, Valentine's Day can get expensive. So Unreal is here to suggest an affordable alternative: White Castle, where dinner for two runs about $8.

It's not what you might think. On Valentine's Day some local White Castles won't be the fast-food joints we've all come to know and love (and, yeah, crave). For one night only, seventeen Castles in the St. Louis region will be transformed into dens of romance, with hostess seating, table service and candlelight.

Dennis Baker, a district supervisor, says only a few tables remain available at each franchise. A lot of those who've made reservations are couples who met at White Castle. "We get all kinds of stories," says Baker. "We even have some proposals. One couple redid their vows at the Festus store last month, because that was where he proposed on Valentine's Day."

What would possess someone to propose at a Castle? "You'd have to ask them," Baker says.

We plan to. Maybe we'll see you there: To reserve a table, call 314-353-7430.