St. Louis Man’s Dating Website Is Going Viral on Social Media


St. Louis' most eligible Colin. - PHILLIP HAMER PHOTOGRAPHY

St. Louis resident Colin O'Brien recently launched a dating website and the site has just one eligible bachelor on it: himself. And so far, his website has been a smashing success.

O'Brien isn't some wannabe sugar daddy looking for a trophy or some weirdo looking for a hookup. Last week he was just a St. Louis resident with a deep love for Weird Al, but this week he’s an internet sensation... with a deep love for Weird Al.

He says he got the idea for the website from a joke his friend A.J. used to make about how he wanted to be the only single male on the crowded internet dating sites. A.J. never followed through, but O’Brien did.

“With COVID and years of attempts on dating apps to find something that was working that just completely failing, I decided why not just try to do it,” O’Brien said when we talked to him the other day. “Because at least it would be funny and get a kick out of it, and at best I’ll actually meet somebody.”

O’Brien calls himself “kind of a hammy guy” who doesn’t mind attention. This is a very good thing, because has been going wild on the internet.

Colin O'Brien lounging in merch that he sells on the site. - PHILLIP HAMER PHOTOGRAPHY

His site first caught a bunch of attention when it was featured on TikTok, where it got a quarter of a million views and he had women from all over the world hitting him up for a date. But he started finding plenty more fish in the local sea when he posted a link to his site on the “Date Ideas & Things To Do In STL” Facebook page.

The site went crazy from there and that post currently has over 3,000 “likes,” over 1,000 comments and over 900 shares. Just in the past few days, he’s had more than 150 women reach out to him saying they’d like to go on a date with him.

One look at and it’s easy to see why so many people are eager to help the guy find a date or go out with him on one. He presents as lovable, sincere, enthusiastic and a bit dorky, but in the best way.

The site includes photos, a bio, stats and even testimonials singing his praises and they’re all hilarious. In addition to his height, weight, age and tax bracket, O’Brien supplies his zodiac sign (Taurus), his COVID vaccination brand (Johnson & Johnson) and his Harry Potter House (Gryffindor).

Pros and Cons lists available at
  • Pros and Cons lists available at

He says he’s tried to be very open and upfront about who he is on the site because he’s “definitely interested in finding true love and finding a partner.” And that includes being honest about his “potential red flags” like how he’s usually a pretty busy guy. He’s a producer for St. Louis’ popular Shakespeare Festival, so he’s super busy during the entire month of July, for example, when he often works 100 hours per week.

Acknowledging factors like these, he says he’s looking for someone with a bit of independence and someone who doesn’t mind meeting him and joining him in hanging out with other people, too, as he’s “very social.” But he’s not too particular with what he’s looking for in a partner. He says he’s trying to approach dating with an open mind and not a ton of perameters because he’s learned that he’s not exactly sure what he wants. But he knows he wants sparks when it comes to conversation.

“I’d love somebody that I feel like I can talk to forever,” O’Brien says. “Somebody where there’s conversational chemistry and fireworks in that department. That, to me, is the number one thing.”

A testimonial from
  • A testimonial from

Here are some other Colin O’Brien facts we learned in our interview that you might want to know if you’re deciding to date him:

  • He lives in the Central West End.
  • He has a car.
  • He has multiple jobs.
  • He lives on his own.
  • He has a bed frame.
  • He has posters, art and bookshelves with books that he’s read.
  • He has “bougie linen sheets.”
  • He went to Lindbergh High School.
  • He wants to be monogamous.
  • He doesn’t trash his most recent ex. (“She was lovely, we just wanted different things for the future.”)
  • He’s not sure if he wants kids, but doesn’t want to rule it out.
  • He’s down to do adult things like buy property, have stocks, have bonds and invest in businesses.
  • He loves the Grove.
  • He loves swanky St. Louis restaurants and cocktails.
  • He’s open to having sex on a first date (don’t tell his parents), but he won’t push for it.

O’Brien also says that he orders sausage and pepperoni on his Imo’s Pizza because “You can’t be fancy with an Imo’s pizza, you just gotta let it be what it is.”

The same theory seems to apply to O’Brien, himself. Just let him be what he is and he will shine.

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