World’s Ugliest Bike For Sale in the St. Louis Area



If you want to own the ugliest bicycle on the planet Earth, man, do we have the deal for you straight from Facebook Marketplace.

Try not to barf as you check out this bike for sale just across the river in Belleville, Illinois. Maybe it’s supposed to be art or something, but to us the Frankenstein’d handlebars look like the curled up legs of a dead spider.

Are these handlebars meant to look like the “ape hanger” style handlebars that are seen on those stupid-ass motorcycles where riders hands go numb while showing their armpits to the world? And what’s with that metal bottle on the back tire? Is this some kind of steampunk disaster? (More to the point: Is there anything made in steampunk style that isn’t a disaster?)


Like many things for sale on Facebook Marketplace, this listing leaves us with more questions than answers. But hey, if you want this ugly-ass 1970 Huffy that looks like a kid drew it, the fugly thing can be yours for a mere $225.

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