St. Louis Mystery Solved: How They Put That Bow on the Science Center



It doesn’t feel like Christmas in St. Louis until the big red bow goes up on the St. Louis Science Center’s James S. McDonnell Planetarium (5050 Oakland Ave., 314-289-4400). It’s a local winter tradition as ingrained as gleefully sledding down Art Hill or cursing this godforsaken tundra as you scrape ice off of your windshield.

But once that pretty little package is all wrapped up, we finally feel free to have happy holiday feelings and bust out the eggnog, twinkle lights and The Only Christmas Song That Matters.

But have you ever wondered how they get that giant bow up there? It’s a practiced maneuver, but it’s not without wonder.

Check out this short time-lapse video from the Science Center that shows how they make the magic happen.

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