Blues' History of Playoff Haplessness Lampooned in New Video



It's a busy week in the world of hockey, what with today's expansion draft for the Vegas Golden Knights, Adidas unveiling a slew of new jerseys and the upcoming league draft just a few days away — so, this is probably a good time to ruminate on the amazing, 50-year suckitude of the Blues.

At least, that's what's offered in an eight-and-a-half minute highlight reel from YouTuber UrinatingTree, whose channel is principally devoted to mocking championship-starved teams across the major professional sports.

Now, UrinatingTree has come for the Blues.

Of course, this YouTuber isn't a long-suffering Blues fan, and so this comprehensive history of playoff trauma lacks those things that actually make sports, you know, fun. As we've noted previously, this is a team that's gifted fans moments of pristine joy along with the pain, and anyone who views hockey through a prism of "if they don't win it all this year, they suck!" — well, that person is going to hate hockey and should take up a less-stressful fandom, like watching plants grow.

So, let's not ignore the good, but boy oh boy does this video make reliving the bad almost funny enough to seem bearable.