There's a RompHim Party in the Grove This Saturday, Because Pants Suck


Picture yourself in this classic summer 2017 look. Oh yeah! - IMAGE VIA KICKSTARTER
  • image via Kickstarter
  • Picture yourself in this classic summer 2017 look. Oh yeah!

Because Americans spend untold hours online during working hours in a desperate attempt to assuage their boredom, the romper for men has become a thing. Again.

The RompHim, the unclever portmanteau of "romper" and "him," is short-sleeve, short-pants onesie recently popularized by NFL quarterback Cam Newton. Market forces galvanized a couple of bros to produce a Kickstarter campaign offering fashion-y takes on the garment, because America only makes things if a funny Instagram gets passed around. Roughly ten percent of the world rolled their eyes, because some gentlemen had already been aware of the garment's charms.

Swept up in visions of bulging crotches straining against terry cloth gussets, the good people of the Handlebar (4127 Manchester Avenue) have ginned up a party with the unfortunate name "Romper Stomper." (Guys, you might want to change that to "Onesie Funsie"?)

But hey, if you've already started sewing a RompHim of your very own, and you can't wait to strut your stuff, there's a party in the Grove this Saturday with your name on it. Bonus points if you also fashion a tiny RompHim to hold back your man bun.