Awesome Time Lapse Video Captures Cherokee Street's Cinco de Mayo Party


You've never seen Cherokee Street quite like this.

Brandon Sloan of Dancing Shoes Productions, a video, photography and video production company based in Grand Center, captured this past weekend's Cinco de Mayo celebration in a time lapse video. In a matter of twenty seconds you see the many tents lining the street, the massive crowd, and even the phases of destruction of the celebration's signature Donald Trump pinata.

Sloan is the creator of a video series called "A Day in St. Louis," a project he started in November. Each episode focuses on a day in the life of a different subject. Sloan has featured a variety of locals so far, including a dancer, a musician, a homeless man he met by his apartment and people behind Lo-Fi Cherokee. Upcoming videos include Gaslight Lounge and the Show Me Burlesque Festival.

"Really I'm trying to do anything around St. Louis that could help get that out there," Sloan says. His decision to film the Cinco de Mayo festival was spontaneous; he didn't even know that the pinata was going to be there until he was there. A friend let Sloan use his apartment's rooftop to get the last shot, which gives an aerial view of the bustling street as evening falls.

Want to see it for yourself? Check out the video below. You can see more of Sloan's videos, including his video series, on the A Day in St. Louis Facebook page.