Missouri's Most-Googled Term of 2016 is Totally Embarrassing


  • Photo courtesy of Flickr / Razlan.
Well, Missouri, we see where your priorities lie.

This week, real estate website Estately turned to Google Trends to determine the most Google-searched terms of the year in every state. Most states had a combination of results that ranged from smart to predictable to hilarious — but Missouri only had one: McDonald's all-day breakfast.

Our neighbors to the east, on the other hand, had a more diverse range of web surfing interests, including "Craig Sager" (a sports reporter who died in 2016), "Chance the Rapper 'Coloring Book'" (an album released this year), "Cubs parade route" (how cute), "Dennis Hastert sentencing" and "Depp Heard apology." Meanwhile, our only concern over here is whether or not we can get hotcakes and an Egg White Delight at 3 p.m. on a Thursday.

Nationwide, Google searches couldn't be more diverse. While Florida was concerned with the zika virus, North Dakota wanted to know all about the 2016 movie Dirty Grandpa, while South Dakota is still figuring out who Elie Wiesel is. New Jersey was reading up on Donald Trump, while Utah was obsessed with Gilmore Girls. From world events to famous people to pop culture, America's wide range of Google searches embody the very definition of "melting pot."

Yet here we are with our McDonald's breakfasts.

Missouri, did you know you can find much better breakfast options at these 10 new-ish brunch spots in St. Louis? Actually, we can guarantee you didn't know that. You're too busy googling McDonald's!

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