St. Louis Dance Lovers, This Website Is for You



If you're a dancer living in St. Louis, your dreams may be coming true.

OK, maybe you weren't dreaming of a dance-driven social media platform. But hey, let's not argue with it. Sometimes you're given things you didn't even know you wanted until it's right there in front of you. Or in this case, on your computer screen.

It's a website called, and the website/free smartphone app is your link to fellow dance enthusiasts, teachers, students, businesses, studios and retailers — "the world's first digital platform created exclusively for the dance industry."

With a Pinterest style layout, a Twitter-like following tool, an Instagram heart/comment concept and groups like those found on LinkedIn, it's like all your favorite social media sites had a dance-loving baby. And while it will connect dancers from all over the world, it just might be a nifty little tool to connect dancers within the St. Louis community, too. When we checked recently, there were already two St. Louis events on there — The PULSE on Tour, a dance workshop featuring instructors from So You Think You Can Dance, X Factor, America’s Got Talent and American Idol, and Camp PULSE on Tour, a dance convention specifically for kids. 

Here are four aspects of St. Louis dancers, studios and companies may want to jump (er, leap) on.

1. Scan the jobs/auditions board.
Looking for a dance related internship? A part-time teaching position maybe? What about auditions? As develops, it could be a one-stop-shop for employing St. Louis dancers.  

2. Make and join groups.
These are places you can share content, comments and ideas with people with the same interests as you (as if a dance-only social media website wasn't specific enough already). There are groups for dance teachers and choreographers, bunheads and bachata lovers, Bay Area dancers and New York City pros. So why not a group for St. Louis dancers? Someone should totally get on this (hint hint).

3. Find St. Louis dance events.
The events page holds everything from dance festivals to conventions, and you can search for events by dance style, event date, zip code and miles. There are already listings for national competitions coming to St. Louis; lesser-known, St. Louis dance events could easily share their info here, too.

4. Reach out to dancers and businesses all over the world.
Alright, fine, they're going against what your parents taught you about talking to strangers. But this could be an efficient way to connect with dancers from literally anywhere — a chance to collaborate with dance businesses, bring a guest artist from LA to St. Louis or find a hoofer for your next show. All you have to do is follow them and send a message through the site. No friend requests necessary. 

The dance world isn't a big one, and this site is going to make it even smaller. But that's a good thing, right?