VIDEO: Makin' Akin Out of Bacon



Granted, it's the day before Election Day, so there can't possibly be much more to be said about any of the candidates, least of all U.S. Representative Todd Akin, our very own U.S. Senate hopeful, who has pretty much said everything there is to be said about Todd Akin all on his own.

Still, Daily RFT wants to thank Rep. Akin on this Election Eve, for keeping Missouri near the top of our great nation's political front page for the past three months.

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How best to pay tribute to this man, who has given so much to raise Missouri's profile on the national landscape?

Why, with four pounds of bacon, of course!


Why bacon?

Because it can hurt you when it spatters? Because it's delightfully greasy? Because it lingers in the gut for hours after being consumed? Because it played out as a trend a very long time ago but refuses to go quietly?

Because "Bacon Akin" trips so gloriously off the tongue?

Because of all of that, and more, we proudly present Bakin (or Bacon Akin) (2012), a sculpture we commissioned from one of our very favorite local artists, Cameron Fuller, and his beguiling accomplice, artist and animator Sarah Paulsen.

Click through to see the final version of Fuller's sculpture.

"Bakin (or Bacon Akin)," by Cameron Fuller and Sarah Paulsen. - CAMERON FULLER & SARAH PAULSEN
  • Cameron Fuller & Sarah Paulsen
  • "Bakin (or Bacon Akin)," by Cameron Fuller and Sarah Paulsen.