Luminary's Move to 2700 Cherokee Looks Unlikely


Since December, the Luminary Center for the Arts has been raising tens of thousands -- from both big benefactors and regular Joes on Kickstarter -- to move into larger quarters at 2700 Cherokee St., which is currently the home of Pig Slop studios

But after all the hub-bub surrounding the move (see our feature ), it looks like it ain't happenin' after all -- at least not at that specific location: 
Yesterday, Cherokee Street developer Will Liebermann posted the above ad on Craigslist offering a one-year lease on the exact same space Luminary was planning to lease.
Liebermann declined to comment on his posting.

James McAnally, co-founder of the Luminary, wrote in an e-mail yesterday to Daily RFT that, "We may still end up at 2700, but Will [Liebermann] is able to look into other tenants and we are looking into other options as well."

Yet that doesn't quite match the air of finality McAnally adopted in his e-mail to Pig Slop on Tuesday.

According to Chloe Bethany, an artist with a studio in the building, McAnally wrote that the Luminarians had made a final decision to no longer move ahead on 2700 Cherokee because it was too expensive to complete the repairs and "too contested -- that was the word he used."

So does that mean the Pig Sloppers might stay?

"I know I won't," Bethany says. "I don't think we can afford it. But there's always the possibility that others will." 

The apparent change of plans by the Luminary raises another question: Would a move to a different building affect the funding they raised for the 2700 Cherokee building?

McAnally wrote in his e-mail to us: "I suppose we will determine that when/if the decision is finalized in dialogue with the backers. It's impossible to know how it will play out, so we can't get into that stage too much yet."

Clearly, it's a fluid situation. We'll keep an eye on it.