Comics Cleanout at the Post-Dispatch


If this image means anything to you, seriously let's be friends.
  • If this image means anything to you, seriously let's be friends.
If this image means anything to you, seriously let's be friends.
Are you going to scream if you have to have your morning coffee with Marmaduke one more time? Do you wish that giant-headed mope Ziggy would finally just drown himself in his goddamn goldfish bowl already?

Well, now's your chance to do something about it.

Over at the Post-Dispatch, they're polling readers on what comic strip and what panel they'd like to see eliminated. Our pal the Life Sherpa Joe Holleman has been charged with managing the poll -- and taking the fallout from readers.

"I can just kick all the backlash upstairs!" Holleman tells the Daily RFT. "Keep 'em all, kill 'em all, I don't care."

Holleman says he's not much for reading the comics himself -- he stopped reading them when the Far Side's Gary Larson stopped drawing them -- but he gets that people get attached to those penned peeks into the lives of snarky talking rats and surly teens.

"I know people get attached to their comic strips and comic panels," Holleman says. "They're going to be sorry to see them go."

No kidding.

In 1991, storied Washington Post editor Ben Bradlee decided to yank the (boring-ass) nature-based soaper strip Mark Trail from the paper's pages.

"Arbitrarily, I decided to drop 'Mark Trail.' It was so old," Bradlee said in the Post.

A few days later, office workers at a building across from the Post's building hung a huge sign where Bradlee'd be sure to see it.


So he did, after hanging a sign that said "OKAY."

That won't work with Holleman, so don't get any ideas if your favorite gets voted off. He says he'll only take bribes, and that we can't even print how many zeros would have to be in the check.

"They can appeal to me all they want," he says. "I can be bribed. I have a price. It's a steep price."

Sadly, we couldn't reach Josh Fruhlinger, comics nerd extraordinaire who blogs as the Comics Curmudgeon, but his right-hand man and fill-in blogger Uncle Lumpy hepped us to the Bradlee story. It's probably just as well -- we would have been reduced to fangirl squealing if presented with the chance to actually speak with the man who coined the term "Aldomania."

(Holler if you hear me, Mary Worth-heads!)

Vote online for the strip and panel you want to see no more. You have until 5 p.m. tomorrow. Get to it!