Ooh, The Lindbergh Look!


Runway looks this fall are taking inspiration from a perennial source -- military gear. The fashion industry has never been able to keep its manicured mitts off bellicose costumery for long, and this fall it's back in a big way. (Like it is most fall seasons.)

And the New York Times Style Magazine has dubbed this fall's iteration for men "The Lindbergh Look," after one of St. Louis' most famous sons. (Don't miss the slideshow, for pics of The Lone Eagle as well as corresponding couture.) The Army reserve officer actually flew in a lot of military surplus, but wore a tie from St. Louis department store Vandervoort's for his famed 1927 flight.

Cargo pants never go away, and the past few years' obsession with studs is (hopefully) giving way to smart brass buttons. Olive drab is back as a neutral, and epaulets are a kinder, gentler take on past years' sculptural shoulders.

The takeaway: Lindy has set the bar high. Be St. Louis cool. Now throw away those hideous leggings-as-pants and their mutant cousins, jeggings, and may we never see another goddamned Ugg boot again. AND THAT IS AN ORDER, PRIVATE.