Tonight in Art: Peat Kevin & Stan @ Syndicate


This event already got a shout out in the Artgasm post earlier this morning with a run down of all the exhibitions opening this week in St. Louis, but it deserves its own entry.

The show features the work of Peat Wollaeger, Kevin McCoy and Stan Chisholm. Wollaeger's trademark eye stencils are plastered across the city from Cherokee Street to South Grand to Maplewood but his gallery work is sort of like a Bansky tribute to Quentin Tarantino; aerosol stencils with pop culture references and vivid colors.

McCoy is a dope graphic designer and Chisholm is a St. Louis native trained at the Art Institute of Chicago. He inks dark caricatures (literally hundreds of them, on disposable paper plates) and also creates beautifully foreboding collage/found art pieces like this one:
Event is FREE and goes from 7-10 p.m. at Syndicate, 915 Olive Street (4th Floor). DJ Needles provides the music. Flyer and video promo after the jump....
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