NPR Pays Tribute to Local Flack Who Coined the Term 'Blogosphere'


He coined the term 'blogosphere.' - WWW.BRADLANDS.COM
  • He coined the term 'blogosphere.'
Blogasm...blogarrific...blogviate. Good God, who'd have thought we'd now have some 300 terms of argot employing one of the worst-sounding words ever.

It all started with St. Louisan Brad Graham.

Graham, the erstwhile publicist for the Reportory Theatre of St. Louis, a prolific writer who began blogging all the way back in 2000, and a self-described "man with a multi-megabyte ego," coined the term "blogosphere" a whole decade ago, according to Wikipedia.

NPR waxed poetic on the subject yesterday:

Graham was joking when he first said it -- at the very birth of the form -- in September 1999. He, too, didn't much like the word "blog" -- "Oy! That name!" he exclaimed on his site, Bradlands. And so he worried about where this would lead us: perhaps to jokes about "falling off a blog," or worse, "blogorreah."

"Goodbye, cyberspace," Graham wrote. "Hello blogiverse! Blogosphere? Blogmos?"

Well, blogosphere stuck.

The news peg here? Graham died suddenly, at age 41, earlier this week. R.I.P.