Chesterfield Studio Saved From Wrecking Ball


Wiegand sculpts statues of ilk like Bob Hope and Stan Musial.
  • Wiegand sculpts statues of ilk like Bob Hope and Stan Musial.
Don Wiegand's studio in Chesterfield Valley ain't going anywhere after all. 

Lawyers for the sculptor and the Army Corps of Engineers announced yesterday that they'd inked an agreement allowing Wiegand to stay put at 1 Wiegand Drive, in the flood plain that his family has called home for nearly a hundred years. 

Wiegand got word this past summer that the Monarch-Chesterfield Levee Protection District, working with the Corps, had plans to condemn the studio and property in order to make way for a retaining wall.

The wall will go up, but Wiegand's parcel will be spared -- and protected. According to the the St. Louis Beacon, it's a costlier plan than the one originally proposed by engineers, but Wiegand will, in a sense, foot the difference by ceding about 8,500 feet to the government.

As a lawyer for the Corps told the Beacon: "There is no money coming out of his pocket for this, but there is no money going into his pocket either. That is the way we could get it done. There was a tremendous amount of cooperation from everybody involved."

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