Matt Kindt Debuts World's Smallest Comic TONIGHT


  • Dark Horse Comics
Matt Kindt, the RFT's Best Local Comic Book Artist of 2008, has just published 3 Story: The Secret History of the Giant Man, his first graphic novel since 2007's sublimely brilliant Super Spy. To celebrate, Subterranean Books in the Delmar Loop is hosting a book release party from 7 to 10 pm tonight.

The store will display every page of the book on its walls, gallery-style, and, of course, sell copies of the book, both the conventionally-sized hardcover edition of 3 Story and six-panel mini-comics concerning the Giant Man, which come rolled up in stainless steel capsules small enough for swallowing, if you consider yourself a super spy and are into that sort of thing.

3 Story is -- guess what? -- three stories about Craig Pressgang, the eponymous giant man and CIA spook, told by three women who love him. Early reviewers consider it a worthy successor to Super Spy. Click here for a preview.