Selections from Bill Chott's Bag o' Tricks, #4


Robert Smigel cast Bill Chott alongside Steve Carell and Stephen Colbert in the short-lived The Dana Carvey Show in part because Chott had a "retro" look Smigel thought was pretty nifty. Though Chott was only in his mid-twenties at the time, he resembled a middle-aged man -- exactly what Smigel wanted. (You can read all about Chott's work with Smigel in this week's feature story, "Big Funny.")

The Carvey Show only ran for one season on ABC. (It was recently released on DVD.) But Youtube has some "minisodes" on display, including this one in which Chott first plays a Wizard of Oz lion and then becomes "Bill Streyhound," as in the owner of a special bus company. There's that retro look.