Artists Unite and Say, Nein to the Nazis!


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On the heels of my colleague Chad Garrison's announcement about America's Nazi Party storming the Arch grounds on April 18 comes word that All Along Press is working up its own blitzkrieg by screen-printing posters of anti-Nazi artwork.

A posting by Steven Brien on the "Critical Mass" arts list-serve says All Along Press, an indie print shop and design group on Cherokee Street, will display the art "in some way" prior to the March.  

"If anyone is interested, send us a design and we will print it as well. In fact, please participate," Brien writes.

His design specs are listed after the jump.
If you do choose to send in a design, please keep it simple: 1 or two colors, not too much text... digital adobe files (photoshop indesign or illustrator) would be easiest and we would need them in by april 10th... PDF files work too.

Send them to