From the Department of Ridiculous Dances: Do Da Stanky Leg


I'll admit it. I'm not the hippest man on the planet, which is why it wasn't until yesterday that I first heard of "Da Stanky Leg."

What is stanky leg, you ask? Why it's none other than the latest dance craze popularized by the song "Do Da Stanky Leg" by everyone's favorite artists -- G-Spot Boyz. The dance is something of a Hokey Pokey for the loose-limbed. Stick your leg out and shake it like a rubber band.

Or as the G-Spot Boyz sing:
Ay you better bang yourself cause I can tell that your hot.
I hope you wind it up, lean back and show your socks.
Dip. Dip. Then I want you to stop.
Do the booty do.
Lift it up and let it drop