Complete 2008 St. Louis Filmmakers Showcase Schedule



Here is the complete schedule for the 2008 St. Louis Filmmakers Showcase -- being held from Sunday through Thursday, July 24.

Sunday, July 20, Tivoli Theatre - Noon Sockville (James Gregson, 60 min.)

Where do socks go when they get lost in the laundry? Sockville, of course! This delightful kid-friendly film is filled with wacky characters who use skits and songs to entertain and teach children of all ages.

Shown with: "The Emerald of Power" (Brian Spath, 12 min.) Capt. Jack Sparrow, Will and Elizabeth Turner, and their son, Willy, join forces to capture a legendary and powerful Aztec treasure - the Emerald of Power.

"Fiddlin' Around: 13 Kids, 1 Dog and a Ladybug" (Kriss Avery, 6 min.) The city cousins have arrived, but Farmer Sharp is nowhere to be found. The cows are upset, the rooster is fretting, and the trampoline is flooding. What to do?

"How Pets Can Make a Difference" (Erin Smith, Maddie Smith, Sophia Etling, and Serena Etling, 5 min.) This charming video shows the many different ways people bond with their pets. Winner of the Animal Protective Association video contest.

"There's Something in the Basement" (Dale Ward, 3 min.) 10-year-olds Lester and Wyatt learn to conquer their fears, but sometimes things are not quite what they seem.

Sunday, July 20, Tivoli Theatre - 2:15 p.m. St. Benedict's Rule (Jay Kanzler, 78 min.) In June 2002, a gunman walked into Conception Abbey, killing two Benedictine monks and seriously wounding two others. This documentary examines the impact of the tragedy on the 60 monks who live at the abbey. This is a screening of a work-in-progress.

Shown with: "My Uncle Arnie" (Jay Kanzler, 5 min.) Comedian Wild Bill Bauer narrates the troubled story of his Uncle Arnie as he competes to become the top-ranked Russian Roulette player in the country. With the voices of comedians Bauer, Ron ("Donnie Baker") Sexton, and Mike Armstrong.

Sunday, July 20, Tivoli Theatre - 4:45 p.m. How It Is With Phooie (Mike Steinberg, 89 min.) A personal look at the director's father, Phil "Phooie" Steinberg, a 35-year veteran of the music industry whose lifelong obsessions include music and the movies, and very little else.

Sunday, July 20, Tivoli Theatre - 7 p.m. Shadowland (Wyatt Weed, 95 min.) Laura crawls from a pit at a construction site, beaten and bloody, apparently left for dead. With no memory of who or where she is, she sets off into the night, looking for answers and a way home. Soon she finds herself hunted by a mysterious young man named Julian, and it isn't clear whether he intends to help her or kill her.

Sunday, July 20, Tivoli Theatre - 9:30 p.m. Mosquito Kingdom (Brad Hodge & Derek Elz, 103 min.) When Ash, a small-time crook, begins a reckless affair with the wife of a cop whose past is catching up to him, he finds that he is in over his head.

Monday, July 21, Tivoli Theatre - 5 p.m. The Color of Justice, Episode 1: "The People Vs. The Dollar" (Ronnell Falaq Bennett & Damon Davis, 66 min.) Part one of a documentary series that highlights several criminal cases in St. Louis where it's alleged that the prosecution was unjust and the defense inadequate.

Monday, July 21, Tivoli Theatre - 7:15 p.m. Advertising for the Mob (Scott Wibbenmeyer, 82 min.) After being fired from his 12th advertising agency, Truman decides to go into business for himself and start a crime family. Three friends, four zoot suits and one hot Italian bartender later, he has his own "family business."

Monday, July 21, Tivoli Theatre - 9:30 p.m. Shorts Program #1 - Dreamscapes, 114 min.

"i!" (Nate Callaghan, 20 min.) An experimental film that takes you to the bottom of the spiral.

"Anna" (Brian Moncey, 4 min.) A woman waiting for a bus realizes the meaning of the phrase "be careful what you wish for" when she encounters a man with a hidden plan.

"Awaken" (Nikki Roberts, 7 min.) A woman wakes up in the forest to discover her fate.

"Bulbs" (Zlatko Cosic, 5 min.) Simple holiday lights are used to create layered abstract visuals.

"Glowers" (Dan Solberg, 4 min.) Two glowing circles approach, then recede from one another.

"HyperSomnia" (Trevor Wies, 6 min.) A man records his dreams, which in the end kill him.

"Magnolia Bloom" (David Noble Dandridge, 5 min.) A music video for the St. Louis band the Helium Tapes.

"Movie of Your Life" (Chris Lawing, 5 min.) Musician Spencer Day stars as a pianist at an old movie theater who sings his heart out to a patron, with the romantic duo re-creating scenes from a number of classic films.

"My First Kiss Happened in a Dream" (Gus Stevenson, 4 min.) A non-narrative depiction of fading affection as illustrated by a change of seasons.

"Persephone" (Gwydhar Bratton, 18 min.) A short visual retelling of the Greek myth of Persephone using masks, puppets and original music by composer Daniel Vendt.

"A Small World" (Tim Maupin, 5 min.) Two people who are perfect for each other are always only moments or inches from meeting.

"Sorry to Miss the Affair" (Aaron Crozier, 5 min.) A music video for the award-winning band the Rats and People from its debut album, "The City of Passersby."

"Spotlight Subside" (Lindsey Sundboom, 5 min.) An experimental short based on Shakespeare's Sonnet 80.

"Ten Thousand Peacock Feathers in Foaming Acid" (Evelina Domnitch & Dmitry Gelfand, 9 min.) A laser scans the surfaces of soap film membranes, revealing a microscopic world of ionic forces.

"Theory" (Alex Elmestad, 5 min.) A composition of brilliant, pulsating colors simulates the origins of life in the universe.

"Wasteland" (Adam Huber, 7 min.) In a post-apocalyptic world, the only way to protect yourself is to destroy what you fear the most.

Tuesday, July 22, Tivoli Theatre - 5 p.m. Documentary Shorts Program, 69 min.

"Bad Folk Story" (Zlatko Cosic, 7 min.) Narrated by the founder of local band Bad Folk, Tim Rakel, the film explores the beginnings of the group, past and current members, and their unique sound.

"The Bushman of San Francisco" (Corinne McAfee, 7 min.) A fixture on Fisherman's Wharf for 28 years, the Bushman has been entertaining and scaring generations of tourists for years. But who is the Bushman?

"China Today" (Gavin Culbertson, 15 min.) China's modern struggle to remain Chinese while opening up to the world economically and politically is underscored by its growing industrial globalization and internal battles for sovereignty.

"A Fisher's Journey"(Corinne McAfee, 11 min.) In May 2008, a fisher from Antigua traveled to Belize and Mexico as part of a UN environmental program to work with scientists for the purpose of conserving fisheries and a way of life.

"Pornoland" (Randy Shinn, 18 min.) An exploration of porn in America and its impact on society, featuring interviews with Ron Jeremy and ex-porn addict Michael Leahy.

"The War Within" (Zia Nizami, 11 min.) A look at the impact of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) on the lives of Korean, Afghanistan and Iraq war veterans.

Tuesday, July 22, Tivoli Theatre - 7 p.m. Say Goodnight (David VonAllmen, 84 min.) Three friends each meet perfect women on the same night, but all three manage to screw up the relationships because of their particular neuroses.

Tuesday, July 22, Tivoli Theatre - 9:30 p.m. Shorts Program #2 - Dramatic Tension, 118 min.

"The Basement Room" (Doveed Linder, 11 min.) Tension builds in a basement room as two businessmen look for a missing document.

"Capdance" (Sean Keough, 18 min.) The lines of reality blur when a graphic novelist meets a stone-cold contract killer.

"A Door of Hope" (Jason Britton, 4 min.) A young wife cheats, only to wake up in a hotel missing her purse and car. She calls her husband for help, and they work to repair their trust and love.

"Hit and Run" (David Souza & Ben Mulkey, 16 mins.) After one final job, hitman Frank wants to retire to a new life in the tropics, but his dreams quickly turn to nightmares after he hits a jogger with his car.

"Just Friends" (Bobby Kirk, 18 min.) Brad and Mandy are friends - they go to the movies, eat ice cream in the park, hang out watching movies - but when Brad wants more out of the relationship, his actions lead to disastrous consequences.

"No Faces" (Daniel Williams, 21 min.) When his girlfriend leaves him, a low-level thug agrees to take on a hit so he can garner more respect and money from his peers.

"The Soldier and the Prince" (Gavin Culbertson, 8 min.) A prince escaping from a failed rebellion is hunted by soldiers, including his conflicted personal bodyguard.

"Tooth and Nail" (Peter Carlos, 8 min.) A college student on spring break takes a fateful wrong turn off the highway into two towns of battling werewolves and vampires.

"Veneer" (Peter Bolte, 8 min.) Insecurity and tension rise as Kenneth LeComb, a down-and-out bartender, is forced to work in the presence of Herbert Zelinger, a world-renowned artist.

"Zone" (Kenny Kinds, 6 min.) A photojournalist attempts to expose the genocide in an unnamed country but now must fight for his life to escape with his photographic proof.

Wednesday, July 23, Tivoli Theatre - 5 p.m. That All May Be One (Karen Kearns, 54 min.) This documentary explores the enduring legacy of the sisters of St. Joseph of Carondolet and their place in the South St. Louis neighborhood where they have lived for more than 150 years.

Shown with: "American Pioneers" (Bruce Marren, 35 min.) Learn about the pioneers, educators, and immigrants who traveled to the remote wilderness in this history of Old St. Ferdinand Shrine in Florissant, Mo.

Wednesday, July 23, Tivoli Theatre - 7:15 p.m. Academy of Doom (Chip Gubera). Shot in the style of no-budget psychotronic Mexican lucha films of the '70s, this wildly campy movie tells the story of a series of bizarre murders at a famous women's wrestling academy.

Wednesday, July 23, Tivoli Theatre - 9:30 p.m. Shorts Program #3 - Comedy Tonight!, 99 min.

"101 Damnations" (Daniel Allen, 9 min.) They killed man's best friend. Now, man's new best friend is revenge.

"Coffee" (Andrew Ritter, 6 min.) When Pete quits his job, his father panics about the financial security of his son's future.

"Dog Park" (Jennifer Stolzer, 3 min.) Three playful and energetic dogs are set loose at the dog park. When the two faster dogs leave the littlest one behind, he is forced to find a new friend to play with.

"The Doubtful Martyr" (James Martin, 7 min.) Quick thinking and carefully crafted logic help a young man survive the most important interview of his life.

"Flapjacked" (Matt Murphy & Chad Harris, 12 min.) A talented young artist embarks on a new career at a mysterious firm where his first day of orientation introduces him to a world of intentionally bad design.

"Four Squares" (Abby Hendren, 5 min.) When the competitive relationship between twin brothers reaches a boiling point, they use a game of four squares to settle the score.

"Gus Over Easy" (Nathan Tolle, 6 min.) This mockumentary introduces us to Gus Gunk, a young man forever bitter because he was born with sunny-side-up eggs for ears.

"Lunchbreak" (Tim Venhaus & Tory Dahlhoff, 7 min.) Parallel stories of two construction workers having a conversation and a lawyer walking down the street intertwine during a lunch break.

"The Nightly Potato, Episode 5" (Chris Hayes, 5 min.) The final debate between Hillary and Barack.

"Scalpel" (Erik Williams, 3 min.) Awakening from a violent car accident, a young man realizes he isn't in a normal hospital.

"Sugar" (Alex Beh, 5 min.) A young waiter is smitten with a female customer and dreams about their future together.

"This Really Happened" (David Noble Dandridge, 3 min.) A true story of a rather uncomfortable job interview.

"Three Days, Spencer" (E. Dias da Silva, 9 min.) A young schoolboy who refuses to talk in school is given an ultimatum before getting held back a grade.

"Tuesday" (Emily Curry, 9 min.) For a man stuck in a mundane routine, every day is the same, but he wakes up to unexpected freedom on one not-so-normal Tuesday.

"Two Fine Gentlemen Find a Dollar" (Sean Gartner, 5 min.) While out on a midday stroll, Reginald and Phillip stumble across a rogue dollar bill.

"The Ugly Turkey" (David Essman, 5 min.) An ugly turkey, belittled by the other animals, grows up big and beautiful, and learns what it's like on the other side.

Thursday, July 24, Tivoli Theatre - 5 p.m. Texas Snow (Aaron Coffman, 74 min.) When Jesse and Caroline discover a newfound affection for one another, they struggle to keep their relationship a secret from Lee, Jesse's roommate and Caroline's ex-boyfriend.

Shown with: "Everlasting Memory" (Kaitlyn Paradis, 6 min.) A waitress in a small-town diner dreams of the young soldier she is corresponding with during his tour of duty in the Vietnam War.

"Marks" (Dan Cross, 11 min.) A couple gets their names tattoos of each other's name, and disastrous consequences ensue. Music by several St. Louis-area bands is featured.

Thursday, July 24, Tivoli Theatre - 7 p.m. Streetballers (Matt Krentz, 110 min.) In this Irish urban drama about street basketball, two junior-college students find release and therapy while playing on one of the most competitive courts in the U.S.

Thursday, July 24, Blueberry Hill's Elvis Room - 8 p.m.-Midnight: Closing-Night Awards Party

KDHX-FM DJ Rob Levy will spin music, and Cinema St. Louis will announce the SLFS films chosen for inclusion in the St. Louis International Film Festival in November. Awards for the best SLFS films will be given by the St. Louis Gateway Film Critics Association. Free admission, but donations are accepted.

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