This Week's Issue



Malcolm Gay investigates Chinese exile mystery novelist -- and St. Louis County resident -- Qiu Xiaolong.


Advocates for the disabled tell Kathleen McLaughlin why the Missouri Department of Transportation needs to be reprimanded.

Unreal chats with Miss Nursing Home '07, two soapbox racers and remembers the colossal King Kong Brody.

Does Ian get fired up about El Scorcho's Tex-Mex fare?

Ruth's Classic Cosmo gives Kristie McClanahan the giggles.

Malcolm Gay answers a question on everyone's mind while choking down Domino's Pizza New Oreo Dessert Pizza in Keep It Down.

R.E.M. producer Mitch Easter talks to Annie Zaleski about his first album since 1989.

In b-sides, Black Sabbath vocalist answers Andrew Miller’s questions about Heaven and Hell, and Dan Leroy takes a look at Fiddy’s and Kanye’s strategically marketed albums.

In Homespun, Christian Schaeffer doesn’t think mold will grow on Chiaband's debut album Cornucopius Musicus.

Paul Friswold checks out Boesman and Lena at the Edison Theatre, and Dennis Brown does the same for Echo Theatre's Hedda Gabler.