Mapmaker, Mapmaker...


Marquette High School Quilt, 2005

Nikolas Schiller, a 26-year-old Ballwin native and Marquette High School grad (Class of '99) — a.k.a. a "counter-cartographer" — was the subject of a nifty feature in the Washington Post's Style section yesterday.

Already, e-mails are pouring in from curators interested in exhibits of his work and artists looking to collaborate with him — not to mention buyers seeking custom-made maps. You can check out his online store here. (Not bad for a guy who once wanted nobody to find him.)

In addition to mapping, Schiller's current projects including chairing the D.C. Statehood Green Party and organizing a coalition that will defend Washington, D.C., businesses from "unfair corporate competition," as he puts it.

"A random aside," he writes in an e-mail. "I am the model in the 'Library' photograph in Hope Edwards' photographic reinterpretation of the boardgame Clue. It's currently on display at the Hoffman LaChance Contemporary Art Gallery in Maplewood until March 24."

Besides the appearance at the gallery, Schiller won't be back in St. Louis until his — guess — ten-year high school reunion.

-Kristen Hinman