Congratulations, you’ve brought shoppers into your store! Now, you need to keep them there while they browse and make a purchase and do all that you can to make sure they’re eager to return on a regular basis. Here are several techniques you can use to make sure prospective customers would rather stay put and buy than continue shopping elsewhere – online or in person.

Share The Passion

Your attitude and outlook are contagious. If you’re constantly driving forward, that passion and pursuit can spread through your employees as well, forming a tighter, happier, more focused team. The morale and efficiency boost you gain will more than offset any additional compensation cost.

Hire passionate employees, and you’ve got a powerful combination that will captivate customers and cement your value as a shopping destination. When you share in the buying experience with your customer, you increase their excitement and create an atmosphere most amenable to sales. Your genuine passion for your product comes through loud and clear but not in an overbearing manner, which reassures shoppers that you care about more than just your bottom line. The resulting rapport creates a bright, fun, stimulating atmosphere that encourages customer engagement.

Through this engagement, your team can determine the exact needs of the customer and work to fulfill them. This requires that each of your employees really listen to the needs articulated by each customer. Trying to cram a square peg into a round hole reduces understanding and tells customers that you’re more interested in making the sale no matter what; considering each customer’s situation individually allows your sales associates to truly respond to customer demand, which promotes a shared understanding and makes a sale more likely. This approach necessitates that sometimes, a team member recommends a solution that your shop cannot provide. This customer-centric approach engenders good will and increases customer trust even though it may not directly result in a sale.


Employ Efficient Technological Solutions

Technology is one of those sales inducers that works extremely well – except when it doesn’t. Implement intuitive, seamless browsing and sales paradigms, and your bottom line will bounce; deploy a clunky solution with a significant learning curve, and customers won’t stick around long enough for a sale to take place.

In fact, an Omnico Group study found that Americans will wait just eight minutes in a checkout line before leaving without their purchases; UK customers will give up after just six minutes! This study was focused on grocery stores, but it brings to light the fact that people truly dislike waiting a long time to walk out the door with their purchase once they decide to make it.

Fortunately, there’s an easy way to ensure you never fall victim to the walk-out: Deploy iPad POS software that provides you total mobility on the floor.

Today’s mobile POS systems are feature rich while still remaining intuitive and efficient. Outfit your associates with an iPad each, and you’ll enable the kind of instant gratification that promotes sales and your customers love. When they exit the dressing room with a garment that’s a perfect fit, your associate has the power to close the sale right then and there. Of course, you don’t want to come across as overeager to seal the deal, but allowing for the completion of the sale anywhere in store can only make things more convenient for your customers.

Depending on the real estate you have available, you may want to switch completely to a mobile POS paradigm. You can also take a hybrid approach and maintain existing registers but supplement with iPads during high-volume periods.

Implement or Update an Omnichannel Customer Loyalty Program

You could be forgiven for thinking that implementing a loyalty program is a lot of work for relatively little return. But the evidence is surprisingly clear that running an easily-understood loyalty program is enough of a sales accelerator that it’s worth the effort to initiate, update and maintain such a program. According to Nielson, a whopping 84% of consumers say a loyalty program makes them more likely to stick with a brand. A 2018 Bond Brand Loyalty study indicated that consumers spend 37% more with brands when they are a loyalty member. Now does a modern customer loyalty program sound like a worthwhile investment?

Fortunately, today’s leading POS providers integrate loyalty programs and reward capabilities into their systems. Combine contactless payment with a contactless customer loyalty solution, and you’ve got a foolproof way to reward consumers for their continuing patronage.

Maintaining customer profiles also allows you to personalize the shopping experience both online and instore. Not only does this mean showing your customer items they may like based on past purchases, it can also include special birthday offers and other ways by which you can make them feel as though you’re catering to them, personally. And since an omnichannel program will follow a customer from brick-and-mortar to online to email to social media, , you’re giving your customers maximum possible flexibility when it comes to making a purchase, receiving loyalty points and eventually being handsomely rewarded for their repeat business.

Manage a bright, well-maintained shop; keep your aisles fresh and clean; even play some fun (but not overpowering) background music, and you’ll go a long way toward ensuring that prospective customers choose to spend at your store rather than a competitor around the corner or across the country.

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