NoctaLean is an advanced formula that promotes real relaxation and sleep support by utilizing 9-powerhouse ingredients that are all formulated to work together perfectly. By now, it is no secret that the silent sleep plague is haunting tens of millions of people from around the world because it insinuates uncontrollable food cravings and unbalanced hunger hormones that are extremely hard to overcome if not dealt with head-on.

Presented by Rick Bauer and found exclusively online at only, the NoctaLean supplement is to be paired with a 20-second daily sleep hack that literally destroys food cravings and accelerates the fat melting process overnight due to this mysterious weight loss solution. No matter which diets tried, gym workouts followed or doctor advised insights; most people fail miserably at simply relaxing and sleeping. Ironic yet is a ‘truth hurts' statement, the number of people walking around sleep deprived and lacking enough energy is staggering in today's fast-paced modern lifestyle.

Most may know by now that sleep deprivation is one of the main causes for unexplained weight gain? If not, it is imperative to know that the damage can be so impactful that it can leave individuals feeling mentally and physically weak. It is said that over 70 million Americans alone are silently suffering from lack of adequate amounts of sleep per night. Who can forget the direct outcomes of sleep deprivation, which in the extreme cases could include irregularities in heartbeat, blood pressure levels and possible occurrences of stroke or a heart attack!

Then, there is zero doubt out now with ample amounts of scientific literature that directly show how poor sleep is correlated with uncontrollable food cravings and subpar fat storage in the body. Fortunately, this where NoctaLean can serve as a practical solution to trigger the nocturnal switch that can induce the deep sleep happiness hormone each and every night.

Many people unfortunately deal with these fractured sleep cycles and experience the dreaded side effects of interrupted sleep patterns that prevent the fat-burning REM stage process to happen overnight. Based on existing claims, NoctaLean can potentially optimize one’s sleeping cycles, while putting an end to unwanted weight gain by catalyzing the process of producing nature’s own appetite suppressant, Serotonin. Here’s a hint, much of it has to do with an imbalanced system and sleep deprivation is the epicenter of this issue.

Want in on the secrets? The purpose of this review is to further expound on the ins and outs of NoctaLean.

The following NoctaLean review will dive deep into the extensive research shown about the scientific proof put together by Harvard Medical School and Yale University of Medicine on how a twenty-second sleep hack can benefit the body towards healthy weight management.

What is NoctaLean?


NoctaLean is a dietary nutritional supplement that aims to help men and women with poor sleep and the inability to lose weight. In what way is sleep a contributing factor to weight gain you ask? It turns out that when individuals fail to achieve deep sleep, the body isn’t given enough time to start its restorative processes (i.e. mentally and physically). In addition, sleep deprivation can create an imbalance in hormones, two of them being leptin and ghrelin. This is where Rick Bauer examines and explains how NoctaLean can help provide beneficial effects regarding helping the body and brain reach a specific phase of deep sleep called slow wave sleep.

Leptin is a hormone that suppresses hunger and signals the brain that satiety has been fulfilled, while ghrelin induces hunger cries. When individuals lack sleep, the body produces more ghrelin than leptin, forcing one to continuously eat and is all but a silent plague wreaking havoc on the body and devastating the body's natural energy supply daily. So, the main goal behind NoctaLean is to flip the supposed “nocturnal switch” that not only puts an end to restlessness, but also helps to restore the body’s overall balance by directly combating this undeniable link between lack of sleep and poor dietary habits.

So how does the NoctaLean supplement work without having to count calories, partake in fad diets or do another back breaking exercise? Simple, as NoctaLean is made to be a quick and easy to consume supplement that is scientifically-proven to get results. To see what triggers this fat burning weight loss switch, let’s take a closer look at the NoctaLean ingredients list that are made from all natural extracts that have no GMO substances, allergens, additives or toxins.

What ingredients are in NoctaLean?


NoctaLean combines five chief ingredients along with four super nutrients that promote deep sleep, while ensuring that individuals wake up feeling reinvigorated and refreshed. Together, these 9-mind-blowing plant-based herbal extracts are formulated to promote deep sleep and relaxation, while helping release unwanted pounds of fat, support healthy inflammation responses and boost metabolism and immunity. This of course all happens while you gain the enhanced energetic effects of sleeping soundly each and every night.

Hailed as “The Most Powerful Relaxing, Fat-Melting Formula On The Planet“, below is an overview of what NoctaLean ingredients are and their intended roles respectively:

Griffonia simplicifolia (20mg)

Griffonia simplicifolia, or Hydroxytryptophan, is a type of plant found in western parts of Africa. It recently garnered dominating presence in the supplements industry due to its medicinal component called 5-hydroxytryptophan (5-HTP).

5-HTP is also an amino acid that the body naturally produces, in fact, it is then used to produce a chemical messenger called serotonin. When serotonin levels are high, one can anticipate wight loss due to satiety, bettered mood, eased chronic pain, reduced headaches and increased sleep. Speaking of sleep, 5-HTP is believed to trigger melatonin production as well, which is our very sleep hormone.

Melatonin (1mg)

As mentioned above, melatonin is a sleep hormone. Due to a number of reasons, the body cannot produce it in excess. In such cases, synthetic versions like that found in NoctaLean can be helpful. To date, it has been found to induce faster and longer lasting sleep. Some studies have since concluded that melatonin can also help to increase metabolism and a hormone called adiponectin, which could possibly lead to weight loss results and increased fat burning respectively.

Magnesium Oxide (150mg)

Magnesium is a nutrient that enables the body to maintain wellness, as it plays a significant role in regulating muscle and nerve function, blood sugar and pressure levels and increasing protein presence among others. In addition, it has the potential to boost cellular energy, which is what allows individuals to wake up feeling refreshed.

L-theanine and Lemon Balm (150mg)

To ensure that one feels utmost relaxation, two natural mood enhancers were considered, i.e. L-theanine and lemon balm. The former has been traditionally used to ease stress and anxiety, while the latter focuses more so on inducing a calming effect. It is important to note that the duo can improve sleep quality, however, this is not achieved by acting as a sedative, but instead by lowering anxiety and stress levels.

Aside from these five nutrients, NoctaLean also contains 150 mg of Apple Cider Vinegar (increase feelings of fullness), 120 mg of Turmeric (can increase inflammation response in the brain for sound sleep), 10mg of BioPerine (so that the body can absorb turmeric and its compound, curcumin), 25mg of Ginger (healthy immune, blood sugar and cholesterol levels), and 150mg of Astragalus root (boost immunity and reduce stress).

The NoctaLean formula is also free of any gluten, dairy, wheat, soy, barley and animal products. These star-studded natural ingredients inside NoctaLean are what make this supplement so special and unique in comparison to the hundreds if not thousands of questionable natural sleep aids in the market.

By simply taking two capsules with water an hour before sleep, users can effectively utilize these ingredients to turn on your nocturnal switch that will trigger fat release that dreams are made out of, quite literally. Using NoctaLean nightly can help you lose weight and burn fat safely just like over 32,451 and counting people have done so far.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)


Given the gravity of poor sleep, diet and health, it is no wonder why NoctaLean supplement is one of the most popular choices among consumers wanting to partake in restful relaxation and deep sleep support. However, an informed consumer is a smart user and the following frequently asked questions about NoctaLean are extensively researched to provide clear-cut answers pertaining to this deep relaxation and sleep support supplement.

Here are the most popular inquiries related to how NoctaLean works and why consumers all over the world are taking a strong affinity to a supplement that burns fat and causes weight loss overnight.

How should NoctaLean be taken?

It has been recommended to take two capsules of NoctaLean with 8 ounces of water an hour before going to bed. Apparently, this timeframe suffices to get the nutrients absorbed and activated so that individuals can experience peaceful sleep and all the benefits that come with it. This should be continued for at least three months to potentially get best results.

Is NoctaLean safe?

As per the recent advertisement, NoctaLean is considered safe and is highly unlikely to induce side effects. Moreover, the team has yet to receive any complaints regarding adverse effects. It is worth mentioning here that purity is at the forefront of the team’s operations, which means no toxins, allergens or additives. That said, if individuals do feel strange, it should be halted immediately. The NoctaLean ingredients are made in a certified good manufacturing practices facility that has been inspected, audited and approved by the FDA.

Who is NoctaLean appropriate for?

NoctaLean is deemed effective for individuals who have been struggling with weight loss, sleep, extreme tiredness, debilitating health conditions, random cravings and above all, wanting to become healthier versions of themselves. On that note, people under the age of 18 and/or who are pregnant should refrain from taking NoctaLean. Men and women who suffer from interrupted sleep cycles and fractured resting patterns will likely have a stronger attraction to high calorie foods, put on weight easier (especially around the abdominal area), and experience erratic blood sugar levels. These side effects can cause a reduced ability to concentrate and think while increasing bodily stress or having zero tolerance for life's circumstances and where NoctaLean supplementation thrives in the face of helping users overcome these nuances of day to day living.

What are the purported benefits of taking NoctaLean?

By inducing quality sleep, NoctaLean is anticipated to open doors to numerous benefits, namely, reduced appetite, weight loss, and a healthy inflammation response. However, these are usually possible when sticking to a healthy nutritional plan. Then, there’s the obvious claim that results are likely to vary depending on body type, age, sex and health. But the greatest element of using NoctaLean daily and consuming these vital nutrients supplied in the formula is to overcome inadequate sleeping patterns and induce the fat-burning REM stage sleep cycle.

Where to Buy NoctaLean?


NoctaLean can be purchased at with the following price points:

1 NoctaLean bottle: $59 each

3 NoctaLean bottles: $59 each

6 NoctaLean bottles: $49 each

Customers also want to know if NoctaLean is protected by a refund policy? Yes, at the time of writing, NoctaLean has been protected by a 365-day money back guarantee, no questions asked. Individuals simply have to give NoctaLean a try and if they see that nothing has changed since taking it, then it is a matter of emailing or calling customer service to get refunded (less S&H). Here’s the necessary information to get started:


Clickbank customer support: click here.

What does each purchase of NoctaLean come with?

Besides the month-long supply of each NoctaLean, two bonuses will be provided at no extra charge. They are:

Bonus #1. Sleep the Fat Off

Sleep the Fat Off is a blueprint that includes tips and tricks that support one’s sleep and weight loss endeavors. In it, one will come to learn of a scientifically proven shutdown sequence for deep sleep, how to ease an overexcited mind, and how to rid one’s environment of sleep-destroying elements.

Bonus #2. Flat Belly Smoothies

After waking up from a good night’s sleep, individuals are urged to consider unique smoothie ideas found in Flat Belly Smoothies. These are meant to further energize and curb one’s appetite and boost nutritional intake.

Bear in mind that these bonuses are only free when 3 or 6 bottles of NoctaLean are purchased.

Is NoctaLean Scam Threat a Real Risk?

Being skeptical about purchasing nutritional supplements is actually quite healthy in 2020 and beyond. Given the sheer size of the dietary supplementation industry exceeding over $40 billion dollars annually, there is no doubt that not all supplements are created equally. From cheap fillers and toxic ingredients to tainted formulas, there is no shortage of supplement scams to become a victim of these days. However, the NoctaLean scam potential is extremely low given the forward facing nature of the company, the owners and an incredible 1-year refund policy if not completely happy with this fat burning weight loss formula in NoctaLean. The only risk of a NoctaLean scam is to buy from a fake retail platform that is setup to dupe consumers who believe they are getting the authentic Noctalean pills.

To date, any NoctaLean Amazon listing should be considered fraudulent as Rick Bauer adamantly expresses the fact that NoctaLean is only available at By simply avoiding any third party marketplace or retail platform (even, users dramatically lower the threat of a dubious NoctaLean scheme unfolding in their back pockets. By ordering directly from the official website, customers will ensure they get the legitimate NoctaLean supplement capsules and also ensure they are eligible for the staggering 365-day, 1-year guaranteed return policy set forth by a company that values its users and puts the onus on the product to provide the advertised benefits examined and analyzed above.

Final Verdict

NoctaLean is a dietary supplement that taps into sleep deprivation as a possible hindrance to one’s weight loss endeavors. Specifically, one can anticipate attaining deep sleep, which is essential for complete body restoration and balanced hormone levels. There are two main reasons that make this supplement attractive. First, it contains ingredients that have either been extensively studied or traditionally used.

Second, it is actually a multi-purpose product, as improving sleep leads to an overall improvement in other parts of the body. Moreover, NoctaLean contains well beyond sleep nutrients, as each serving considers additional health aspects including immunity and the need for anti-inflammatory agents. With these in mind, the prices seem relatively fair, not to mention the year-long money back guarantee.

For anyone looking to take full advantage of a risk-free purchase that can act as a natural catalyst for deeper sleep and revitalizing energy levels while boosting metabolism, immunity and the discernment for uncontrollable food cravings, the time is now to act on a natural fat burning sleep aid formula that is scientifically proven to boost nature’s own appetite suppressant and happiness hormones while you sleep.

Click Here to Buy NoctaLean Supplement today and receive the lowest price online with the best discount savings automatically applied.

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